A T WIlkinson

Adore thy Nose

A T Wilkinson is a contemporary artist belonging to the new school of ‘mixed technological formalism’. Using digital technique to unite all former artistic representations into a new singularity, Wilkinson images that are designed to evoke shock, awe and confrontational inner examination. His pieces, often substantial in cognitive as well as physical scale, are wittingly unapologetic and approachably avant-garde; an aesthetic embodiment of Truth herself in all of her shadow flecked glory.


He finds inspiration from the heights and depths of culture, focusing on high-fashion, ultra luxury, gross poverty and gratuitous suffering. Being well acquainted with socially relevant artistic mediums from opera to webcam videos, libretto to clickbait news, he holds an immense cognitive library of cultural references to pull from. He courts themes from late capitalism, pop culture, politics, hyper-sexuality, glorified violence and consumerist fetishism, to speak the language of postmodernity in a way that strips it naked for everyone to scrutinize.


Battle de la Birkin

As for the visual image, A T Wilkinson’s artistic process takes many stages. To him, no works of art should be made only to please the eye, but the meaning behind their depictions are equally as important as their visual embodiments. Each of his pieces exist as visual poems meant to speak with multivocality, yet through a single transitory statement. We experience all art in a transitory way – whether it be through how we grow beside it, or the static experiences of it when faced. Wilkinson’s compositional phase takes various steps; he has a vast photographic library of carefully curated images that have been collected over the years, also implementing hand drawing, painting, physical collage and additional photography. This is then finished with software and professional colorization. Wilkinson understands the disposability of things near effortlessly produced, and can easily deconstruct the processes used in the works of others, purposefully created in ways where the lines between realism and artificiality become virtually indistinguishable. And this technique produces what he calls “objective simulacrum”, which is a recreation of the seen and unsaid aspects of life that, once presented side by side, served as an explanation for deeper facets of the real. This turns the diverse and often divergent aspects of reality into one intuitive and symbolically true experience.


Of Broken Men
The Revenge of Alessandro




A T Wilkinson currently resides in Canada.