New York-based visual artist and creative director, Jordan Hemingway, teams up with prolific directors Jason Sondock and Simon Davis, otherwise known as Rubberband, to conjure up an eerie and hauntingly beautiful paranormal experience in, ‘A Walk through the Night’, exclusively for King Kong.

Styled by Andreas Aresti, the players in Hemingway’s otherworldly film exude nihilistic, rock’n’roll cool, by turns channelling David Bowie, Stephen King’s Carrie, Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway, with a hint of the Blair Witch thrown in for good measure. Sondock and Davis, who generally devote themselves to directing darkly atmospheric music videos for artists such as Oyinda and Kid Ink, imbue the film with a brooding romanticism, capturing Hemingway’s cast of nocturnal wanderers in the midst of their reveries.