A celebration of Florence Griffith Joyner’s unique style



shorts and shoes – Mizuno | socks BV Sport
Shorts and shoes, Mizuno | socks BV Sport
Bodysuit Le Coq Sportif
top and leggings, Ivy Park
Vintage bodysuit, Yalouz
hoodie – Salomon | glasses – Vuarnet


Top and leggings, Ivy Park | top Ivy Park, leggings by Le Coq Sportif



Vintage tank top Balenciaga
Band Aid, Compex
Tank tops The White Briefs and Nicola Indelicato

T-shirt Diesel


Photography, Styling, and Casting : Stéphane Gaboué
Manicure : Sylvie Vacca and Afrodict
Models : Ariel @ Kwayo & Charls, Lilian @Studio, Sekou @Men of Mademoiselle, Axel @Kwayo & Charls, Adama, Noëllan, and Igor @Stephanegabouecasting, Eric, Lucas
Special thanks to Lilian Barru, Vincent Frédéric, and David Ays
Special thanks to La Grande Rive, Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast