Creatives Never Go On Vacation

London, grey sky. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t stand grey anymore, because grey is indifference and apathy, and the clouds are also grey, and they can be scary, as they say: “It’s going to rain, you should walk, run, hurry.” It is impossible to be idle in London. There are always clouds in the sky and no benches on the street. You’d better move. 


“I just realised that I haven’t been to vacation since I moved to London. It’s miracle that all of us found 5 free days at the same time and managed to go abroad. Of course nobody expected that it will be just relaxing and chilling on the beach; we found a way to combine work with pleasure again”. Antonio Vatev — Fashion Design student at Central Saint Martins (CSM)

It was vacation time, and I am young. It was time to be lazy and happy. But London is not idle, and happiness is not grey. It was clear to me: I had to leave. My friends and I left for the French coast as fast as the idea came up. It was easy to convince them. We all felt the same. We packed our things and took off. 


When we landed, the French sky was cloudy again, but we were on vacation, and when you’re on vacation you create the environment, especially in the countryside. The whole point of living in a city is to surrender to it. You end up accepting the city’s rules, habits, roles. The pressure is too big. If you stop in the middle of the constant movement, just to take a breath and rethink, it is already too late. You’re left behind, and apparently that’s the biggest problem of our era.


But on vacation, when you’re a foreigner, you don’t belong to the city and its rhythm, so the pressure doesn’t exist. Real vacation is the nonexistence of change. That is why some creatives say they never go on vacation, and they do have a point.


“What better chance to shoot my last tailoring project than going on holiday with friends who model and take photographs? Victor, Lena and I shot at sunset with low tide on the beach, dipping our legs up to the ankle in a grey velvety mud and it was beautiful — although I spent half an hour in the shower washing the mud off my white silk floor- length jacket”. Lidia — FDM student at CSM  


“Indeed, the beaches are rocks. The ocean is never here because of a phenomenon called tide. The water is cold and mud is the local sand. But all those factors made our trip funnier. Try to picture 7 fashion kids in this environment. I think a comedy movie could have been produced”. Lucile Guilmard — second year FDM student at CSM

That’s why even if there were clouds when we arrived, it was OK. When the skies didn’t provide light, Antonio had his phone by hand to light his face, and Pablo could take the picture. This was the first moment of reshaping the environment. The rest came naturally. Antonio and Lucile started showing their work with complete freedom, because they were on vacation. There was a real impression of nonexistence of right or wrong. We had some drinks because we were on vacation. There was a picture taken with an old, half broken phone, because we were on vacation. 


“I went on the roof of an old collection car for a silly picture and Victor ended up shoot me doing some sexy playboy poses on the car. The day after we decided to keep this kind of vibe and do the same kind of glamorous 90’s picture in front of a French fries and churros food truck while kids where playing in front. So funny and awkward at the same time“. Ornella Jude Ferrari— second year FDM student at CSM.


“We went to France, to La Rochelle to relax. But we couldn’t relax. Either we drank or we created. But that’s what we like to do, and without it we would be stuck. I modelled for a shoot were Pablo was taking pictures of Antonio’s designs. I took pictures for Lidia’s project where Lena was modelling. And this is exactly what I mean with the spirit of the people of CSM it is really easy to collaborate with them because they are excited to see other’s people work and take part of it”. Víctor Paré Rakosnik — Graphic Design Moving Image at CSM


“I like the sea, the grass, the wind, salty hair, sunset light, the marks that the wristband leaves in my skin after a long sleep, I love my friends. I like wandering around Fouras, and local people observing us like we’re from a circus. I like embers in the bbq, in the bonfire, in wine. We were always together in Fouras, with a cigarette and looking at each other”. Pablo Di Prima — Graphic Design Moving Image at CSM 


I don’t remember everything, I was happy, but it worked out more or less like this: We intended not to evolve, we were trying to make the most of being out of London for a while. We wanted a real vacation, so we focused on the things that never change, which are the important things. Love, fear, beauty, friendship, happiness. Every human being has felt them deeply in every age, here they remain, here they will endure. We tried to reach what’s important, the core. To keep the soul at rest.

And in the end, everything looked different. Our mood, our work, our relationship with others. Even the light. We didn’t change anything and everything changed.  


special thanks