“Nostalgia is denial. Denial of the painful present. The name for this denial is Golden Age thinking – the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one ones living in – its a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.”

Gil Pender, Midnight In Paris


Even if every generation is different from the other, there always will be a common sense of negativity caused by denial of the present.
“Denial” is about three boys, beautiful and young, who spend the most of their time locked in their houses.
They’re not teenagers nor are they are men.



black shirt – Prada – vneck jumper – Polo Ralph Lauren | trousers – Burberry | shoes – Camper

black turtleneck – Acne Studios | blue jumper – Tommy Hilfiger | trousers – Polo Ralph Lauren | shoes: Puma

They are tired, bored and disappointed without any interest in escaping from that golden cage called home.
They aren’t sad, they just don’t feel like they belong to the reality outside.
They’re stuck in a kind of limbo; they can’t handle it anymore but it makes them feel safe in the moment.
Denial is their common feeling.
black t-shirt – Resort Corps | vneck jumper – Sergio Tacchini | scarf – Barbour | shoes – Camper

Denial or Nostalgia? Maybe both.
Whatever we call this, it can be narrowed down to fear – fear caused by too much future, too much past and not enough present.


jumper – Études | trousers – Bless | shoes – Timberland

blue highneck – Lacoste | shorts – Calvin Klein
blue highneck: Lacoste – shorts: Calvin Klein
jumper & bottoms – Raf Simons | shoes – Converse

Paris, December 2017.
Finally I was on holidays. The freezing cold and constant rain meant I spent most of my time indoors in my friend’s apartment in Le Marais, surrounded by a big sense of impotence and anger. I was watching outside – those beautiful roofs – imaging how it would be to live in a city full of beauty like Paris.


scarf & jumper – Uniqlo JW Anderson | shorts – Acne Studios

elastic headband – Prada | shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
| shorts – Prada

I started to feel again like when I was a teenager, locked in my room, afraid of the future and bored of the present. And then something in my mind started to work.
I couldn’t just do nothing – acting like a teenager, dreaming without doing.  
I had to do something…Something full of beauty. So I took my old film camera and I organized a last minute shoot at my friends’ apartments.


shirt – Prada | black turtleneck – Stone Island | trousers – Diesel Black Gold
“Denial” is the first chapter of my new personal project as photographer. And it is directed to exorcise all my old fears.