One of the most powerful tools in modelling is the way a narrative, an assumption or a characterisation can be assigned to a face. They are the crux of the fantasy, the spokesperson. For Dossier D’école 2, a 2018 yearbook of standouts and newcomers, King Kong made our own light-hearted sense of this catalogue of beauty.

Loves Fridays, mulled wine and not having a smartphone.


Has a sweet tooth, loves the idea of being an irl nymph.



Lives for the paradox of confusing people while being a major softie, favourite month is May.


Low key technical wizz, needs precision.



Loves a dramatic entrance, catch her front left.


Loves being a candid over an Old Fashioned, misses Vine.


Is constantly asked if he’s the boy from Gummo.


Loves flexing but takes with a grain of salt.


Believes that enigma is the highest form of glamour.


Got given a tattoo gun for his birthday, is overwhelmed with ideas.


Despite assumptions she’s the Carrie in her friendship group, she’s actually the Miranda.


Is cynical about astrology.


Last Halloween she dressed up as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and everyone freaked out.


Throws obscenely good parties, loves punctuality.


Is constantly moving forward, hates plane food.