Dossier D’école III: Makeover Edition

Welcome to a Summer makeover special of Dossier d’école, where we transform some of the freshest faces in fashion and let them go off and live their best life.



In warmer weather, Isaac’s trademark-messy hair gets a little tricky to contain. With half a tub of product, we gave it some fashion-constriction matched with a gothy equestrian number.
Isaac Kaplan @ DNA wears shorts – Thom Browne | top – Sakai | boots – Florsheim


Agnes felt that her fringe was missing something, something we had the answers to: exaggeration – in the shoulders, flairs and collar. Proportionising!
Agnes Sokolowska @ Silent wears blazer & shirt – Thom Browne | tights – Wolford | shoes – Laurence & Chico



Hopeless romantic Dominic wanted to us to reference his passion for floristry in his transformation. So we threw on this stunning cape, Matador-like in shape, with a feathered rose next to his heart.
Dominic @ Wilhelmina wears blazer, shirt & trousers – Thom Browne | shoes – Florsheim



Alina has had her staple bob through three definitive relationships and has such become the crux of her ‘signature look’. She’s yearning for a revolution – and we think these radical rings are her call to prayer.
Alina Schultzen @ Silent wears full look – Thom Browne



Henry has never really done the suit thing before, so for our makeover he wanted a reimagination of one; the outcome being a combination of almost-Victorian style classicism which a new contemporary and athletic twist.
Henry Rausch @ Wilhelmina wears shirt, skirt & blazer – Thom Browne | shoes – Florsheim


Having straight, flowing hair is all BB knows. We hope this tidal wave of curl gives her the new outlook she desires.
BB Jean @ One wears shirt, skirt & shoes – Thom Browne | collar & ruffles – Catherine Osti



John wanted to match his literal-take of a bowl cut with some stand-out pieces. We felt the crazy textures of this jacket did the trick.
John Hein @ NYMM wears blazer, shirt & trousers – Thom Browne | shoes – Florsheim


Of all the models, Dodi was the only one that gave us a moodboard! Her love for couture, structure and detail made this beaded gown an easy match.
Dodi Shepard @ Muse wears dress – Thom Browne | shoes – Laurence & Chico



Joshua is an architect student, a background that informs his love for more avant-garde structural pieces. We wanted to reflect that perspective in our transformation.
Joshuah Melnick @ DNA wears blazer – Officine Generale | top – Laurence and Chico | trousers – Thom Browne | shoes – Florsheim
Rose didn’t want us to hold back in our transformation: she wanted us to take risks and make her the rightful queen of everything. This floor length number says it all.
Rose Valentine @ NYMM wears overthrow – Thom Browne | blouse – Kepaza


We had several ideas for Miles, but in truth he actually picked this number himself: the result was ‘miles’ ahead of anything we thought of!
Miles Brown @ Next wears blazer & skirt – Thom Brown | shirt – Han


Used to being made to look hyper-feminine in her modelling gigs, Siqi wanted us to bring out an unseen side of her personality; matching this military-esque piece with a tight bun.
Siqi Chen @ Wilhelmina wears blazer, shirt & trousers – Thom Browne | throw – Sakai | shoes – Laurence & Chico


Usually-grungey Stanley wanted to add a bit of sophistication into his look. We felt this blazer resulted in the right dose of preppy heartthrob without betraying Stanley’s roots.
Stanley Simons @ Next wears blazer, shirt & shoes – Thom Browne | tights – Wolford
Zarina lives for the drama, so while she was happy for us to do whatever we wanted, as long we kept it as high-drama as possible then we were on the right track.
blazer, skirt & shoes Thom Browne | ruffles – Catherine Osti
Zarina Green @ One wears blazer, shirt, trousers & shoes – Thom Browne | bowtie – xxx



Art Direction & Photography:​ Guillaume Roemaet @guillaumeroemaet

Photographer Assistant​: Kevin Drelon @kevdre

Styling:Lisa Jarvis @lisajarvis_stylist &​ Guvanch Agajumayev @guvajan

Hair:Erol Karadag @errolkaradag

Hair Assistant: Yukie Nammorie @yukinammori

Make Up:Mami Izuka @mamiizuka

Production & Casting:​ Felix Florent Cadieu @florentcadieu