For the Uncanny issue of KING KONG, we have fallen headfirst into a world of lucid dreams and strange fantasies, in the hope that, when we wake, things will be a little clearer and lighter than before.

For the second issue of King Kong, we have ventured into the shadowy recesses of the human experience, nearly losing our
minds in disturbia.

448 pages, 6 alternate covers. Featuring the work of legends such as Cindy Sherman, AA Bronson, Kienholz, Judith Bernstein, Peter Saul, Laurie Simmons, Marilyn Minter, Isamaya Frrench, Shun Watanabe, Bob Recine, Oliverio Toscani, Nicola Formichetti, David Dunan and the late Anton Yelchin, the Uncanny Issue threatens to be even bigger and badder than our debut.

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