dress & boots – Alissa Nicolaï


dress – Dorhout Mees | bra – Maison Lejaby


When did you know you wanted to become a singer and how did you make it happen?

Sometimes, you just know that you were born to sing. I can’t remember how it started, all I know is that I breathe music and didn’t stop a day working hard for it.

You were still a teenager when your first single ‘Batmanna’ came out, how has your musical style changed since then?

‘Batmanna’ was the company’s selection, not the music I wanted to share. That whole period wasn’t about me doing my own music. It was about what they saw and what they wanted. I was still a little girl who dreamed of fame and just wanted to start somewhere. But I’ve grown up and my music changed gradually. Now I’m producing my own music and working on my first album as the new Naya.

(right) dress – Alissa Nicolaï
(left model) dress – Neith Nyer | top – Dorhout Mees (right model) dress – Hyun Mi Nielsen | Naya wears trench & trousers – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand


At one point you deleted old posts on Instagram and Youtube and started over with a new aesthetic, what led you to do this?

Yes, I realised that this is not the image I want to have for myself. I didn’t want to keep doing the commercial stuff anymore. All I wanted was to bring out the real me and do the music and visuals that I love. So one day I decided to stop and I canceled all my contracts with production companies, even with my manager. It got me into trouble at the time but I managed to get back on my feet and create the new image for myself.



top – Dorhout Mees


top – Alissa Nicolaï | trousers – Anne Sofie Madsen


trousers – Alissa Nicolaï


Lebanon is not the most religiously conservative country in the Middle East. Nevertheless have you ever faced any obstacles in your way as a female entertainer, and if yes, how did you overcome them?

Lebanon is not the most conservative country but still one of them. Lately I faced some problems with the image I’m delivering. 70% of Arab people don’t like what I’m doing at all now, they think that I’m the weirdest person in the Arab world. But I know that it’s because this is new for them; with time they will get used to it. Young people are trying to make a change and I’m pushing the boundaries for us.

(right) top – Neith Nyer


(left) top & skirt – Zimmermann | gloves – Lutz Huelle (right) top – Dorhout Mees


dress – Alissa Nicolaï


How has winning the first season of the Lebanese ‘Dancing With The Stars’ furthered your career?

It was big success being in that beautiful show, my fans went crazy seeing me dancing, they loved it. It was such a great experience.

Have you considered singing in English in the future for a more international reach?

I love singing in Arabic, it’s my native language so I feel that I can express my self more in it. But of course I would love to sing in English when I get the chance.

dress & bustier top – Anne Sofie Madsen | shoes – Alissa Nicolaï


top & skirt – Zimmermann | gloves – Lutz Huelle


(left) dress & top – Alissa Nicolaï | (right) jacket – model’s own | dress – Liu Chao


Coming from a country where women take pride in dressing stylishly, can you describe the importance of the relationship between music and fashion

It is true that Lebanese people takes good care of their looks. Ladies are so elegant and take their time doing hair and makeup, looking perfect all the time. I think the relationship between fashion and popular music is one of abundance and mutual creativity.

(left) dress – Dorhout Mees | shoes – Alissa Nicolaï | ( right) dress – Alissa Nicolaï


dress & trousers – Alissa Nicolaï


top – Dorhout Mees | trousers – A.F. Vandevorst


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