Nighttime Besties

Walking down the stairs for the first time, it had a big living room with walls painted without a choice.
I didn’t know the owners but it seemed that they put a huge mirror in there to make everything look double the size. Or to feel like they always have an extra companion. Someone that knows them well.
One room’s purpose was unknown- flowers, trees and no roof. It smelled like pee of dozen dogs. But there was just one dog, with damaged surface and a broken leg.
This body of work started with the intention to meet new people through a process of ‘creative exchange’. It’s set in a house I just moved into in London, where I invited people I encountered by chance or coincidence to take part in a creative dialogue. Through directed performances invite them into my world of theatricality, serendipity and absurdity to explore every corner of my new home.


















Photographs by Viktor Naumovski
Face beat by Porsche Poon using Nars Cosmetics
Performances by Marie Lüder wearing Marie Lüder and David White Assisted by Katarina Juričić