Post Modern Tribe

‘Plastic, junk, synthetic accessories, random objects, toys, accumulated bits and bobs are so present in  daily lives of people living in modern cities like London, that they almost become raw material.
Citizens of megalopolis are often said to be completely secularised and lacking traditions, but it isn’t quite true: new traditions arise, but they are overlooked. With this new ‘raw material’, I invented ritualistic hats (inspired by festival costumes, a contemporary ceremony) and imagined/testified of what a contemporary, post-modern tribe, that reinvent and defies preset norms, would look/looks like.






All designs, styling and photographs by me: Juliette Cottu @juju_manju
Chapeau 1 : François-Xavier Szumski @fxszumski
Chapeau 2: Oskar Fougeirol @oskarfougeirol
Chapeau 3: Loïc Morel @loïc._morel
Chapeau 4: Julien Heintz @jul.heint