King Kong Garcon Issue 6 / Félix Maritaud


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King Kong Garcon Issue 6 / Félix Maritaud

The supreme force is desire by Félix Maritaud

Desire is fluid, a complex sensation, traversing heart-bodies, unique and malleable, whose vibrations are specific to each square millimeter of the matter forming and surrounding them.
Desires circulate and take hold, they constantly interact with their environment as with the forms they take in our actions, the erotic imaginaries linked to the application of forms of desire, let’s say rather in search of a set of desirable forms, materials, mental, physical, organic or virtual and not desires.

Desires cross they do not possess, they pass, they link beings and entities, flesh and codes.

Fetishism is the attachment of desires to usual and archetypal forms in a way predefined in historical and cultural erotic imaginaries, from the normalized formalization of desires by memories. Collective imaginaries have been polluted by gender binarity and heteropatriarchy for millennials, reduced to closed archetypes.

By untying and performing these desires, these energies stretched towards symbolic forms, we found relief in confrontation.

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