King Kong Issue 11 / Róisín Murphy


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Róisín Murphy for the Fetish issue SS21.

As an artist, Murphy is known for being fiercely independent, hard-working and resourceful. Having, somewhat miraculously, managed to elude the music industry’s tendency to dilute, package and sell pop stars as brands, she has instead carved out a singular career filled with innovation, collaboration and constant reinvention. This single-, or perhaps bloody, mindedness and refusal to bend to the cookie cutter proportions of the music industrial complex have perhaps kept Murphy from reaching the mainstream heights that her work warrants, and certainly limited the budgets she has had access to for her self-directed videos and releases. But it is this same uncompromising artistic integrity that has enshrined Murphy as such a beloved and enduring figure for audiences that find the manufactured nature of the current pop landscape uninspiring. For them, Murphy is the epitome of ‘something more’.

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