Sorry to hear you’re dying

When travelling in Patagonia, Isamaya Ffrench and frequent collaborator Joshua Wilks were struck by the prevalence of supposedly medicinal teas that were sold in every pharmacy under comically blunt names such as, “Nerviosa”, “El Stomago” and “Anti-Gas””, giving them a radical idea. In ‘I’m Sorry To Hear You’re Dying’, the pair dismiss the prevailing paradigms of ‘fashion’ and ‘beauty’ stories, creating something truly original, exclusively for King Kong: “We really want to push the boundaries of what fashion stories are about, and the only way to do that is to expand our reference points and introduce new visual tools into our work.”


Reece Owen and Dean Hoy, two second year Fashion Communication students from Central Saint Martins were also bored by the currently stipulated fashion photography, and decided to create this teleshopping-inspired video to bring back more creative and exciting fashion imagery.