There was once an artist and his muse. The artist loved his muse and worshipped every flicker of light that crossed her face, every graceful movement of her hands. But the muse wanted to transcend her gossamer body and become a god. She looked to the sun and asked for guidance.

The key to her transcendence was there before her, if only she could summon the courage to see it. The artist’s hold on her was strong, their bond an important one. In faith, the muse reached out her hand and jumped, the sun caught her and carried her through the stream of time. The artist was unable to let go and, unwillingly, they tumbled into the underworld.

In that shadowy plane we are confronted with ourselves, alone. The artist and muse were now separated eternally. The muse knew that she must face the aspects of her psyche that remained submerged, concealed within her. She allowed herself to melt through space and time, to bathe in the waters of eternity, until she began to transform outwardly; metamorphosing into something new and untested. Her body became a mystery and, as the artist looked on helplessly, she mutated with agonising brilliance into something entirely new.

* * *

Now she held both light and dark within her and the muse became more beautiful than ever before. She no longer needed the artist to define her; she had become whole and godlike.

Filmmaker Nicole Lily Rose captures this ethereal tale with her characteristic lyricism and poetry. The Spanglemaker marks Nicole’s most recent collaboration with photographer David Dunan, who photographed this story for print, and epitomises their dreamy, almost luminous aesthetic. Nicole’s work – Rose Coloured World – combines elements of film, documentary, commentary, commercials and installation, culminating in a rich tapestry of audiovisual styles, with a focus on fashion films.

Stylist Danielle Van Camp and make-up artist Lucy Bridge convey the mythic transformation of Litay’s ‘muse’ through a combination of bold, artistic pieces and synaesthetic make-up,  haunted from the beautiful sounds by Tom White.

The Spanglemaker, photographed by David Dunan and starring Litay Marcus, appears in The Uncanny Issue of KING KONG, out now.