Heroes can change the future. As long as they‘re the right ones.
Since our last issue it‘s clear we need to be flexible with our ideas of what heroes are and even more importantly what they do.
We need new types of Superheroes that aren’t attached to wealth, power, celebrity and corrupt institutions. We don‘t so much need comic-strip Superheroes, we need superheroes with a reality check.
In this issue we play with reality without straying too far from humanity. Our focus on younger creatives reflects their future where technology and reality blur into one. We see how they create their own sense of heroism with new superheroes who reject our discredited reality. They use their dystopian vision to reinterpret a world in search of new values. How we define male and female heroes reflects this new fluidity. Male and female notions of power and strength are questioned. Our stories show that dreams inspire reality, childhood never truly leaves the adult, and Superheroes are found amongst us all.


The ‘Super’ Issue of #kingkongmagazine
Available to pre-order now/ Out In stands April 14th