An exploration and celebration of ‘Unity’. An array of cultures and races come together, speaking to a co-existence (or a lack of) in modern times. Casting specifically reflects the future of beauty – A time where few individuals of only one racial background exist, furthering a progressive image of ethnic ambiguity.












  1. What’s your definition of beauty?

  2. Did you consider yourself beautiful growing up, or anything you wanted to change about yourself?

  3. One thing you love now about yourself?

  4. Do you feel culture has changed it’s norms around beauty? What do the younger generation need to see more of growing up?


Marquis Crawford:
1. There is nothing more beautiful to me than self acceptance and expression.
2. Growing up I considered myself beautiful because I knew me beyond the exterior.
3. I love my optimism.
4. I don’t feel that it’s changed but, I do feel that it is changing. I think there needs to be more people that don’t fit societies norm in the spotlight. 
India Graham:
1. My definition of beauty is loving yourself inside and out.
2. When I was growing up, I wanted to change multiple things about myself like my teeth, to my skinniness. However, I still consider myself beautiful back then because beauty isn’t always about physical appearance.
3. One thing I love about myself is my hair and how I can do anything with it.
4. I think society has changed its norms around beauty. I think younger children should see more natural beauty and acceptance of natural beauty growing up.
Jack Pililaau:
1. The unique aspects of a person that make them stand out from others
2. I’ve always been a fan of the mirror! And everyone should be. I have always been comfortable in my own skin. Im the best version of me!
3. I love that I am always willing to learn and do new things with new people.
4. Beauty is all perspective. A lesson ALL generations should learn to understand is that all people are different and should be admired for the things that set them apart.
Mekhi Alante:
1. Beauty is black
2. I’ve always found myself to be unique and gorgeous ALWAYS
3. I love my personality
4. Yes, culture has changed. Younger people need see more of natural and real rather than fake and made up.
Nisaa Pouncey:
1. Something that makes you feels good. To look at, to feel, to experience, someone that brings pleasure to you in any way.
2. Yes, my family always made sure I knew I was beautiful even in my faults. I was raised to be confident with myself no matter what anyone thinks.
3. I love my who I’ve become, im very strong and independent, never scared to take the risks, always speaking my mind, i know what I want and ill get it no matter what stands in the way… thats what I love about myself.
4. Yes, its become normal to change your appearance and looking at something natural and untouched is seen as something that needs to be changed. Not that changing your body is wrong but looking at yourself as imperfect and something to be changed is wrong. God made each and every person and work of art and people should appreciate that. The younger generation needs to see more confident people especially women. Growing up I looked up to women who loved them-self no matter their imperfections and the younger generation needs to see that.


Photographs – Rowan Papier
Styling – Julien Alleyne
All clothes – Gypsy Sport
Hair – Gonn Kinoshita
Make Up – Deanna Melluso
Models – Jack Pililaau @ Wilhelmina
Nisaa Pouncey @ Next
Mekhi Alante @ St.Claire
Marquis Crawford @ St.Claire
India Graham @ IMG
Set Design – Maggie O’Toole