My collection is inspired by the late painter, L S Lowry. A hidden collection of sexually provocative drawings and paintings became known only after his death, this secretive side to the artist was the starting point of the collection. A man who on the outside appeared to be a reserved, quiet, gentleman kept his perversions concealed for 89 years. From here the idea of the perverse gentleman started to develop.
Like Lowry the men have old-fashioned values of masculinity, they are gentlemen on the surface and misfits beneath. Desires seep through the traditional exterior and darker corners of sexuality are subtly hinted at. Classic menswear on the surface with homoerotic undertones and perverse details.
Deconstructed tailoring reveals and sexualises parts of the male body and contrasting underwear hints at abnormal desires.
The collection as a whole should leave the audience with a feeling of foreboding. The idea that the men are heading somewhere with dark intentions. I was inspired by 1920’s and 30’s tailoring when initially looking for shapes to work from, the weight and quality of the vintage wools and suiting was an aspect that I really wanted to imitate.












Designer:  Stewart Wildgoose instagram.com/kristenstewartwildgoose/
Photographer: Naomi Ngoo Richmond instagram.com/baroxe/
Photographic assistant: Maxim Tooker instagram.com/maximtooker/
Stylist: Angelique De Raffaele instagram.com/angelique.d.r/
Models: Frederick Rann & Berik Kazymzkhanov
Eliza Loukou instagram.com/loukouitis/
& Bethany Stacey