King Kong Issue 16 / Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet


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Their photoshoot with King Kong and accompanying interview shed light on their music, their collaborations and their world view. The music is a hypnotic mix of industrialised techno with overlays and inlays of trance and electronics. Put that together with surreal comic book visuals and videos and you have enough images to keep your mind buzzing as the music captures you. But it’s also their thoughts behind the music which grip you – their views on consumerism, capitalism and all things American are made clear in the interview and show that even in the most intricate dreamscapes, there’s a conceptual lucidity and a sense of purpose which they need to communicate.

In a lengthy conversation with theorist Jak Ritger, the electronic duo Amnesia Scanner and artist Freeka Tet discuss their third full-length album titled STROBE.RIP. This record tells the story of the desire for meaning. Language as a code, an obstacle to be overcome, in order to find the humanity on the other side.



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