King Kong Issue 16 / Peter Saul


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Peter Saul for the Special Limited Edition cover of the Americana Issue. Available to Pre order now!

Peter Saul is an artist whose motivation is personal not political. Feeling an outsider from an early age, he looked and learned, and after graduating with talent and perfect timing he flourished during the high point of Pop Art. But as an individualist rather than a follower his art can just as successfully go against the tide as flow with it. His art is fun, serious, and engaging. It’s not necessarily commercial but it’s highly approachable. And it’s stood the test of time.

Artworks by Peter Saul
Words by Peter Saul
Special thanks Michael Werner Gallery & Birte Kleemann


248 pages (24 X 33,3 cm / 9,45 X 13,11 Inches)

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