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U.S.A Me

The Statue of Liberty was meant to capture the spirit of hope for the poor, the destitute and all those wanting a better life. There’s no equivalent on the Mexican border however, just a wall, a fence or armed patrols. Welcoming it is not, but still the people come – the creative, the humorous, the incisive, the mordant and the witty. The USAME project is about capturing the immigrant experience in the United States. The name “USAME” is a mix of “USA” and “Me,” which also translates to “Use me” in Spanish. The images used are inspired by how immigrants are labeled as “alien” or “illegal,” and our photo-spread shows their situation with surreal clarity. USAME celebrates what immigrants bring to the party that is Americana, and you can see it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone – it’s the differences which make the difference!



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