King Kong Issue 17 / A. G. Cook


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A. G. Cook makes a big splash for the liquid issue.

Musician and record producer A. G. Cook provides a public health warning in the photo shoot. As master of hyperpop he warns us all: never take your laptop in the bubble bath, keep well hydrated in the sauna, and watch out for those banana skins waiting to trip you up on the doorstep of life! You can soak up its thrills and spills, but make sure you’re drip dry – damp clothing can give you a nasty chill!

In a conversation with Charlie Fox, the pair spill and sprawl the tea on Britpop, face liquid phobias, decode liquid sound design. Discuss costumes and craftsmanship, Gargoyles and Gremlins, alien voids and avoiding the middle ground. Infinite loops and name drops inc The Teletubbies, Charli XCX, Matt Copson, Daniel Swan and Zoolander.

“For me, as someone who occasionally dips into that world, the fashion-music hybrid, I’ve really enjoyed going full stylish or bonkers. I don’t bother with the in-between. It is that sort of role-playing and costume, saying “I’m inside the magazine…” you know?”




280 pages (24 X 33,3 cm / 9,45 X 13,11 Inches)