King Kong Issue 17 / Yoon Ahn


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Yoon Ahn is the creative force behind the AMBUSH® brand. Clothing, jewellery, objects of desire, fluid identities, and informed by a creative  dialogue between countries and cultures. A design language in which Yoon is fluent, having crossed oceans to get to where she now lives, loves and works. Free-thinking, free-spirited,  she knows the importance of going with the flow and keeping ideas fluid. Ideas like water can become stagnant if they don’t flow:

“Water needs to flow to keep it fresh! Ideas are like that to me, I don’t like storing ideas and thinking like, oh it’s my idea. Bank it. No, to me, that’s the worst way of being creative because you become stale.“





280 pages (24 X 33,3 cm / 9,45 X 13,11 Inches)

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