King Kong Issue 12 / Keiichi Tanaami


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Keiichi Tanaami The King of Pop Art for the Special Limited Edition the Kings & Queens issue  AW21.

Keichi Tanaami belongs to that generation of Japanese artists and designers who were born before before the Second World War, and who developed creatively in the the poptastic years of the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. He exploded onto the scene with a force and an energy using historical Japanese references. He manages to combine a hippy acid trip psychedelia with a social conscience resulting from the scarring of the atom bomb. His artworks were used for the most era defining record covers from global supergroups, and his graphic design influenced contemporaries on a grand scale. But if you look closely, zoom right in on the details, it’s the intimacy which really blows your mind away.

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