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Kim Petras for the SS22 Gaming Issue 13.

Kim Petras is a wonder of her own world, a testament of strength and courage. Recognising her trans identity at an early age she fought to achieve the identity she wanted, and moved from Germany to Los Angeles to start her pop writing career. Her success is a triumph for all in and supporting of the trans communities.

“For me, it’s really about all queer and LGBTQIA+ kids fulfilling their dreams and living up to their fullest potential. The same way that someone like SOPHIE, for instance, made me feel so seen and like I could do anything I wanted, I also hope to be able to be as fearless and to do the same for other kids and artists. And I also hope that the way people will talk about my music and me as a person also goes beyond me being trans. A lot of the times, that has been the headline when people talk about me, and I realize it’s the shitty state of the world we live in, but in the end no matter what your gender or whatever
else is, it matters who you are as a person.”

We go over the concept behind Petras’ upcoming album, balancing self-criticism with having fun, a never-ending love for video games and her desire to
design and score her own game one day. Oh, and killing Paris Hilton.

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