King Kong Issue 14 / Gabriel Massan


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Gabriel Massan for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.


Stories that are told and retold, held close and redistributed; myths are perhaps to culture as gravity is to earth; bridging the gap between what we know and everything that could possibly be. Myths help form ways of thinking, being, and relating to the world and to each other. As sociological tools, grounded in an embrace of unknowing, they also play a critical role in our own reincarnation and reformation.

Artist Gabriel Massan joins Curator Tamar Clarke-Brown (Arts Technologies, Serpentine) to discuss their practice, talking myth, simulation, and the process of making their upcoming work, Third World; an experimental video game incorporating elements from Brazilian folklore originally commissioned by Serpentine Arts Technologies that questions if critical play and practice could change the very dimensions of our existence.


316 pages (24 X 33,3 cm / 9,45 X 13,11 Inches)

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