King Kong Issue 15 / Raven & Rose


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Reinventing The Dolls with Raven & Rose.

They are “sisters, best friends, wifes, family” : Rose and Raven don’t just share a flat in L.A., but also lots of memories and experiences together as music creators, sex workers, pole dancers, and performing artists. Their interview shows the power of reinvention and the bittersweet taste of remembering. The photography of Raphaël Chatelain has that quality of memory. Of remembering an event, or life, or feeling, or moment that might or might not belong to you. And as to the sex work itself: “It’s just a freedom that comes into your own hands and you realize that, yes, at some point I did have to do this for survival, and at some point I did do this because of whatever, but I could turn it into something that is powerful and empowering. Sexwork can be empowering.”



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