King Kong Garcon Issue 6 / Shortparis


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King Kong Garcon Issue 6 / Shortparis

You’ll not feel short-changed by the Russian band Shortparis – it really is the band which keeps on giving! Bridging the music and art scenes, this post-punk, post-industrial, post-dance, pre-apocalyptic group of musicians toss the listener from snatched memories of Einstürzende Neubauten and Depeche Mode to a brutally energetic now, then throw you round the room to a full-on electronic Death Disco beat. The vocals are operatically luscious, and the dancing tribal and sexual. It’s compelling and engrossing. The photo shoot is like a collection of stills from an Eisenstein movie. Stark, threatening, familial, revolutionary, masking a delicious yet malicious sense of irony. Method in their madness, glory in their music.

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