King Kong Issue 17 / Torbjørn Rødland


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In the upcoming liquid issue of King Kong, you’ll experience many interpretations of this theme. Some will shock you, but others are more stealthy in their approach. No less powerful, after all, they do say, still waters run deep. And remember, liquidity and fluidity are siblings of motion. The photographic works of Torbjørn Rødland are a moveable feast for your eyes. The subject matter is caught in the moment, but starts to alter in your imagination. Changing and warping, sneakily shapeshifting, his photographs give the illusion of reality, when in fact the realism of the images are just a shudder away from the surreal.

“Liquid is where bodily life comes from. It’s the source. Maybe I shouldn’t use this as an argument against digital photography but it does make sense that images rising from liquids have a special power. I also sometimes add liquids to surfaces before photographing them in order to increase tactility and excite the imagination. I think we can also say that liquids are associated with intuition and the unconscious mind.”




Special limited edition. 280 pages (24 X 33,3 cm / 9,45 X 13,11 Inches)