King Kong Issue 16 / Trisha Paytas


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“America would be great again if we all wore pink, fast food didn’t have calories, and free health care / day care for all! In America anyone and everyone is famous, so my confidence is through the roof. Followers is worth more than dollars. Plus I’m kind of fat and love to eat too many calories. And I love it. I think thats pretty American.”

Trisha is one of those stars who shines glitterball bright. She’s funny and sassy and has managed to package up a big chunk of Hollywood camp – all things pink and glittery alongside an addictive personality which includes – as you’ll see from the photoshoot – sunbeds! But Trisha is serious with fun – their humour always hits the chosen target, and fools are not taken lightly. There’s social criticism implicit in the portrayal of the fakery which abounds in America, but there’s also pleasure to be taken at the same time. Good fake can be good fun as we all know, and we’re all in on the joke anyway. Similar to Colonel Sanders, Trisha has built an empire and is easily one of the greatest performance artists of our time.

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